jignesh gangani jgangani at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 09:02:21 PST 2007

      Thanks Henry and Gordon for your suggestions. I also believe in "Don't
fix that ain't broken".
But I needed a package manager not for updating but mainly for uninstalling.

      I am making my CLFS as I want (obviously). I am trying different
things. I may or may not like them. eg. I have used fluxbox as my Window
Manager. But then I decided to test other also.
So next I installed Enlightment.(E16). Now I have no need for fluxbox. So to
keep my system tidey I wanted to uninstall fluxbox. In future ( :) ), there
may be times like this when I do not want a particular pakcage that I
installed just for testing.
     Neverthless, I am using paco now and uptil now i am quite happy with
     I also read mails on CLFS's mailing archive. (Believe me, I thought I
am caught in war or something.) LFS guy should not recomend any package
manager but atleast suggest a few.
     Thanks again.
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