A few questions about package-management

FuziOK fuziok at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 22:46:36 PST 2007

mantiz at gmx.net wrote:
> Hi all,
> first of all: Sorry for my bad english. :)
> I'm experimenting a long time now with LFS/BLFS and i am sure that this
> is a very nice way for an own, clean version of a GNU/Linux system.
> But there is one thing which is bothering, namely package management.
> I installed my LFS system like the book tells but with package users.
> After that i installed a few packages from BLFS with the use of package
> users, too, but all in /opt/package-x.xx as prefix. I made a symbolic
> link for each package in the way /opt/package which points to
> /opt/package-x.xx, so that i can easily update any package and undo if
> there are any problems with the new version. All i need to do is to
> change the symbolic link.
> The handicap of this way of installation is that i have to put many
> paths in my PATH-variable which is a little slow by the amount of paths.
> Now the real questions :)
> I think that it could be a possibility that i make for each package
> symbolic links in /opt/bin, /opt/lib, etc. for each binary, lib etc.
> which is installed by the package. Are there any experiences for that
> method? Perhaps something i didn't mention so far. Because that way i
> can only have a few paths to put in my PATH-variable.
There's some threads about PM in lfs-support list, such as
Some tools talked about like xstow might be what you want.
> The other thing i don't know how to handle are the dependencies for each
> package. How do u know what packages u have to update, if u update one
> package which has dependencies? do u write all information in one
> textfile or do u try to install and fix dependency by dependency if the
> installation fails?
In my opinion, there's no smart way to handle the dependencies.
If you prefer to fix dependencies automatically, Gentoo might be a 
better choice.
Of course, you can try to write your own ports system, like portage in 
> I hope my english is not too bad. :D
> greets
> christian

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