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Arnie Stender astender at aagstender.org
Sat Feb 10 19:10:41 PST 2007

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Ken Moffat wrote:

>  Rang a vague bell with me, although I have no wish to develop RSI
> :-)
>  Back in December '05 somebody asked the same question.  Google
> linked to my posting, but came up with an entirely different mail.
> Fortunately, the version in its cache is still there:
> (careful with the url, it might get split across lines).  It points
> to using a gentoo mirror for their amd64 patch.  At that time, the
> patch needed adaptation for pure64 - I don't know if they have
> updated their patch(es) since then.
> ĸen

Hey Ken,
	You did it again buddy. I found the gentoo patch for AMD64 and it
compiled without complaining. That was the good news. The bad news is
that dired didn't do what I needed it to. I have a disk that was said to
contain a complete linux OS and about 130Gig of data. Audio file s I
think. They gave it to me to try and recover. I can mount the disk but
the root of the filesystem only contains 1 directory and that has a name
that starts with an ESC character. Everything I have tried to change the
name to ASCII has failed. At the moment I am trying to find the root
directory on the disk in hopes of being able to dd the data into a file
then change the name of the directory and dd it back to the disk so I
can see what is in it. Any thoughts on a better approach?

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