Modular X and m4 files

Shawn sks at
Wed Feb 7 21:08:58 PST 2007

On February 7, 2007, Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Hi, I'm not sure if this is a problem with my own scripts (very
> likely), or with the book, or just a compatability issue for
> particular drivers.
>  In my builds of xorg (in /usr) I get a few m4 files installed -
> xtrans.m4 (xtrans), xorgversion.m4 (util-macros), xaw.m4 (libXaw),
> fontutil.m4 (font-util), xorg-server.m4 (xorg-server).  The odd thing
> is that these are all in /usr/lib/aclocal - everything else puts m4
> files in /usr/share/aclocal.
>  The only reason I even noticed is that my latest box uses a via
> unichrome for its vga.  The via driver from xorg doesn't see the
> hardware, so I tried the unichrome driver from sourceforge.  This is
> built by running ./ to build and run configure.
> Unfortunately, it needs the xorg-server.m4 file to do this.  My
> quick and dirty fix was to symlink to xorg's m4 files from
> /usr/share/aclocal.

prefix=/usr; cat > $prefix/share/aclocal/dirlist << EOF
# $prefix/share/aclocal/dirlist:
# Contains directories appended to the default macro search path.
# Thus the search path becomes:
# $prefix/share/aclocal-x.x
# $prefix/share/aclocal
# $prefix/share/aclocal/dirlist

The above is where my X m4's are.

>  FWIW, the unichrome driver overwrites xorg-via's via_drv library
> but leaves libviaXvMC and the via.4 manpage untouched (if you
> already installed them).  It also gives a message to say it doesn't
> support my particular hardware (3344, unichrome 'pro' I think) :-(
>  Further searching brought me to openchrome - nice website, but the
> latest snapshot is from last March.  Fortunately, an svn checkout
> revealed the project is still active and shows I probably need a
> recent version for DDR2 533 memory.  The good news is that the svn
> trunk works for me - again it provides its own via_drv, but also
> libviaXvMC and via.4.  The build method is the same as for unichrome
> (it was branched from it) so I guess it also used the m4 file.  And
> it works for me. :-)
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