arts-1.5.6 (KDE) refuses to build

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Tue Feb 6 19:27:02 PST 2007

On 2/6/07, Shawn <sks at> wrote:
> It doesn't hurt to try this. In the ../arts-1.5.6 directory you will
> find a file aclocal.m4. To regenerate this file and pull in the macros
> for your machine run 'aclocal' in the same directory. To ensure there
> is no problem with your autotools setup, you can look in this file for
> the "AC_CONFIG_HEADERS" definition. If it is not there, there is a
> problem. Don't look for this definition before you run aclocal because
> the file was originally created by the kde folks; therefore, it will be
> there.


> Or, do what Dan said, he's smarter than me :P

Very flattering, but I just guessed. I was hoping someone would
actually grovel the generated autotools, so thanks for doing that.
Your analysis seems to be right, but I decided to actually grab the
tarball and see if I notice anything.

Now I think I see the issue. It looks like it always runs autoheader
because of this make target in the mcop directory:

$(srcdir)/  $(am__configure_deps)
        cd $(top_srcdir) && $(AUTOHEADER)
        rm -f stamp-h2
        touch $@

I looked at the log from the last time I built arts, and indeed
autoheader is run at this spot. Because is seen to be
out of date (probably a dist issue), it tries to regenerate it. You
can work around it with the following command before make (or

touch mcop/

Otherwise, you're running autoheader with a version that apparently is
not compatible with the one arts was generated with.

Try the "touch" command and let's see what happens. It seemed to do
the trick in my testing.


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