help ,when doing blfs in chapter3

Shawn sks at
Sat Feb 3 14:18:18 PST 2007

On February 3, 2007, p sun wrote:
> here is my computer configuration: winXP+wmware,
> though ssdh client,i can copy and paste the command text from winXP
> to lfs,and i have completed lfs.
> But when starting to do BLFS at "Chapter 3. After LFS Configuration
> Issues:The Bash Shell Startup Files ",for now it has not installed
> ssdh in lfs,how to do copy and paste command text from winXP to lfs
> through wmware? thanks for your help

When I install, I make sure I have a copy of gpm and lynx on a cd. After 
lfs, I install these two packages. Then I open another console, use 
lynx to read the book and gpm to cut and paste. Of course there are a 
hundred ways to do the install. I found this method best for me.


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