Using Squashfs on a bootable cd to compress /usr

Kevin Annies anniesk at
Sat Feb 3 14:14:02 PST 2007

Thanks Dan,

Any help is appreciated,
I guess intramfs is the way forward.........

ps. I was not aware of the live cd mailing list so will forward all query's there from now.

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On 2/3/07, Kevin Annies <anniesk at> wrote:
> I have inserted the mount usr.sqsh command at this point because the following chroot command is executed from the just newly mounted / system. The pain is the chroot binary happens to be in /usr/bin which at this time is compressed. However, the archive does not uncompress at this time becuase the loop device does not exist on the initrd. I could try adding it but then woulit not become invalid as soon as I chroot? SO should I put the mount command in twice as a result or perhaps use a mount bind type of command? In addition could I add a second mount into one of the rc.d scripts?

Sorry, this is not my area of expertise. You might get better support
on the live-cd mailing list since they do this (I think). You could
try to copy the LiveCD initramfs creation:

However, one other thing you can do is check out David Zeuthen's livecd-tools.;a=summary

He works for RedHat, and the tools are used to generate Fedora live
CDs. You probably can't use them directly because they have some
Fedoraisms, but I would look at his mkinitrd replacement, mayflower.
It has support for booting squashfs from the initramfs.;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=creator/mayflower

Maybe that can give you some extra ideas.

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