Boot floppy to allow boot from PCMCIA CD- Mon May 3 13:56:37 MDT 2004

Alan King alanking at
Sat Feb 3 07:03:41 PST 2007


Did you ever manage to create a boot floppy that will allow a live CD to boot from a PCMCIA drive? If so I would be intrested in an img file. I have an TEAC PCMCIA CD drive with a freecom cable, on an old laptop with a broken internal CD Drive. The only way to change the distro has been via a net install which is very boring. on a slow 10 Mbit/s PCMCIA Ethernet card. 

I want to try out Fluxbantu but can't get any installation method to work other than CD. In fact the only thing I have managed to get working is Damn Small Linux cuz I can boot that from a floppy and USB Key then install it to the HD (making the sound work was another 2 week epic). I did get Debian installed via FTP install but had trouble with fluxbox install and gave up.   

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give me.

Alan King.
Not new to Linux but don't appear to have learn't anything usefull in 5 years.
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