Setting ip address

Ellis Wilson xclski at
Mon Apr 30 17:42:53 PDT 2007

Hi all.

As an introduction, I've used LFS and BLFS for some
time now; my desktop 
has seen many compilations of the sort over the past 2
years, and I've 
constructed a number of servers using the methodology.

My project right now, however, is causing me a tiny
bit of grief (in an 
area that I'm sure will paint me as a neophyte).  I'm
using LFS and 
selected packages from BLFS on a small compute cluster
for chemical 
research.  As a proof of concept, I'm using a cheap
100mbit workgroup 
switch for my internode communications. 
Unfortunately, since I've 
always utilized dhcpcd for ip configuration, I've
never needed to 
manually deal with the issue.

My Problem:
When I start up my four nodes on the switch, they all
read IP Address, which obviously won't work for internode
communication.  I 
have the hostnames set differently, I have added all
the nodes to the 
network file in /etc/sysconfig, and still they start
up with all the 
same ip address.

I've done a quick search through the for previous 
emails about this, and googled the issue, but they all
point to a 
program ifconfig.  I'd rather do this by hand and
learn what's going on 
myself, so any help is appreciated in advance.



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