Kernel 2.6.21 BUG?

alupu at alupu at
Sun Apr 29 17:33:10 PDT 2007

Hi Tijnema,

On 4/29/07, Tijnema ! <tijnema at> wrote:

> It might be useful to post the whole log, and not only a few lines.

If by "log" you mean the whole screen, I tried to avoid it for two reasons
1. It's hard to write down and then retype all those 24 lines (I have no idea how to do otherwise (snapshot, etc.) with a frozen machine.)
2. I'm not sure it's worth my wile if so far the only "solution" is to go to
LKML (see "Third" below).

> Second, there's a SiS900 patch applied to the kernel in, it
might fix your problem.
> As 2.6.21.x versions are bugfixing only.

Unfortunately, behaves the same (i.e. it didn't fix my BUG)

> Third, if it still doesn't, then you really need to go to the LKML as
Alexander suggested.

Thanks for your interest,
-- Alex

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