firefox- build error

Fix 203832i at
Wed Apr 25 18:36:21 PDT 2007

As for firefox2, its build system is a piece of shit. make just
doesn't tell gcc where to find required headers or libraries and
therefore either gcc cannot find #included file and dies or ld cannot
resolve symbols and dies too;
The compilation process consisted of trying to build  -> patching -> rebuilding -> patching another -> .... ->
removing --disable-... option -> ...
5 files total were patched
FF2 don't succeded also to build with --disable-xpcom-obsolete option
despite of the 'obsoleteness'.
Also I had to add ac_cv_visibility=no to my .mozconfig in order to
avoid 'relocation R_X86_64_PC32' gcc4 bug.

And congratulate me, at last I've done the work.


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