saveguard lfs system

jignesh gangani jgangani at
Wed Apr 18 21:47:46 PDT 2007

    As far as I now when you take a backup (using cp -a) and store it on
CD/DVD, when you restore you may lost some permission on files. e.g. su
losts it set-uid bit, /tmp losts it's saved-text bit and files may lost
write permission. I haven't burned the tar.bz2 file on a CD/DVD. After
restoring the backup you may have to change lots of permissions. So the best
solution I have found is to copy all files  to another HD (of you have one
extra, a small one will do) having the same file system as your CLFS (ext2,
ext3, reiserfs etc). This way you can just copy the backup files and there
will be no need for changing permission or so.

Jignesh D. Gangani
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