problems in using Slim login manager with xfce

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Fri Apr 13 08:54:22 PDT 2007

i installed slim login manager has no dependencies on gnome and
kde libs and looks much better than xdm.However i have'nt been able to get
it working .

i have created a file /etc/rc.d/slim as per the slim manual which is as

# /etc/rc.d/slim: start/stop slim

case $1 in
        /usr/bin/slim -d
        killall /usr/bin/slim
        $0 stop
        sleep 2
        $0 start
        echo "usage: $0 [start|stop|restart]"

# End of file
the file has execute permissions.

i also made the following changes to inittab when this did not work on

id:5:initdefault:(at start of inittab)
x:5:respawn:/usr/bin/slim >& /dev/null(at end of inittab)

now the slim login screen came up on reboot but on enetring the right
username and password,the screen only reappeared.
i then modified inittab to its initial state and logged in to xfce.
then i remodified inittab as above.
on executing
sudo /sbin/telinit 5
the screen was filled up with login prompt.i am guessing that some process
was respawning :(
with the default inittab(with default runlevel 3),on typing /etc/rc.d/slim
start ,the same thing happened i.e. the graphical login prompt kept
reappearing even on giving correct username and password until i had to
press ctrlaltdel.
the slim.log file had an entry saying that slim could not execute the login
command.probably that is why prompt keeps reappearing.
the login command as in /etc/slim.conf is:
login_cmd            exec /bin/bash -login #startx
(i commented out startx later n the hope the command would work)

the whole slim.conf is:

# Path, X server and arguments (if needed)
# Note: -xauth $authfile is automatically appended
default_path        /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin
default_xserver     /usr/bin/X
#xserver_arguments   -dpi 75

# Commands for halt, login, etc.
halt_cmd            /sbin/shutdown -h now
reboot_cmd          /sbin/shutdown -r now
console_cmd         /usr/bin/xterm -C -fg white -bg black +sb -T "Console
login" -e /bin/sh -c "/bin/cat /etc/issue; exec /bin/login"
#suspend_cmd        /usr/sbin/suspend

# Full path to the xauth binary
xauth_path         /usr/bin/xauth

# Xauth file for server
authfile           /var/run/slim.auth

# Activate numlock when slim starts. Valid values: on|off
numlock             on

# Hide the mouse cursor (note: does not work with some WMs).
# Valid values: true|false
# hidecursor          false

# This command is executed after a succesful login.
# you can place the %session and %theme variables
# to handle launching of specific commands in .xinitrc
# depending of chosen session and slim theme
# NOTE: if your system does not have bash you need
# to adjust the command according to your preferred shell,
# i.e. for freebsd use:
# login_cmd           exec /bin/sh - ~/.xinitrc %session
login_cmd            exec /bin/bash -login #startx

# Commands executed when starting and exiting a session.
# They can be used for registering a X11 session with
# sessreg. You can use the %user variable
# sessionstart_cmd      some command
# sessionstop_cmd       some command

# Start in daemon mode. Valid values: yes | no
# Note that this can overridden by the command line
# option "-d"
# daemon        yes

# Available sessions (first one is the default).
# The current chosen session name is replaced in the login_cmd
# above, so your login command can handle different sessions.
# see the xinitrc.sample file shipped with slim sources
#sessions            xfce4 #,icewm,wmaker,blackbox

# Executed when pressing F11 (requires imagemagick)
screenshot_cmd      import -window root /slim.png

# welcome message. Available variables: %host, %domain
welcome_msg         Welcome to Anirudh's Comp

# shutdown / reboot messages
shutdown_msg       The system is halting...
reboot_msg         The system is rebooting...

# default user, leave blank or remove this line
# for avoid pre-loading the username.
#default_user        simone

# current theme, use comma separated list to specify a set to
# randomly choose from
current_theme       default

# Lock file
lockfile            /var/run/slim.lock

# Log file
logfile             /var/log/slim.log

I dont kow why the login command cant be executed.i tried replacing exec
 with sudo exec bash
in the login_cmd field but that also does not work.

the page has no wiki and no way of contacting the
developers.please help.a gentoo wiki search did not help either.
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