gnome-mount and drive icon labels

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Apr 9 13:48:01 PDT 2007

This is probably dead now, but I was on vacation.

On 4/5/07, Simon Geard <delgarde at> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 22:46 -0600, Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> > I'm not sure which program... gnome-mount, gnome-volume-manager, or
> > nautilus... is responsible for putting labels under drive icons on the
> > desktop, but does anyone know if it is possible to have better icon
> > labels than "3.8 GB Removable Volume"?
> It's probably Nautilus responsible for the labels, and yes, it is
> possible. Far as I can tell, the preferred label is actually the volume
> ID if there is one (as reported by HAL) - otherwise it falls back to
> creating a label based on other information.

I think it's actually gnome-vfs which handles this, but it queries HAL
about partitions/volumes. Not that it makes this any easier. Maybe you
can use a HAL fdi file to set the label accordingly so it's picked up
by gnome-vfs. Not sure about that.

> I've actually got two flash drives plugged in right now - one shows up
> as "LFSDisk", the other as "1.9 GB Removable Volume". They're identical
> hardware, but the first has been reformatted as ext2 and given a label.

This would be the simplest way. You can use tune2fs to set a label for
the volume if it's ext2/3.

# /sbin/tune2fs -L MyLabel /dev/thepartition


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