Upgrade Kernel to 2.6.20.x Problem

Lauri Kasanen curaga at operamail.com
Mon Apr 9 00:43:35 PDT 2007

> I just installed the latest LFS (version 6.2) completely and installed many
> BLFS programs. The LFS book is designed to install Linux kernel version
> 2.6.16.x. After getting this far I found out that the newest kernel supports
> graphics drivers for my graphics card and 2.6.16 does not.
> I am a newbie at doing everything from scratch though.so I don't know if an
> upgrade is actually feasible. I tried just downloading the source code for
> the newest stable kernel, and set all the options like I did previously,
> compiled, copied, and modified /boot/grub/menu.lst.
> Along came a problem. Now doing bootup it says:
> "Kernel Panic: not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
> unknown-block(0,0)"
> The hard drive detection information is way off the screen and scrolls by
> too fast so I cannot see it. I have tried enabling scrolling for it but it
> does not seem to work. I have tried installing just the PATA and SATA
> drivers for my mobo and also tried all SATA and PATA drivers without luck. I
> have installed all of the appropriate filesystem drivers (Ext3). Still no
> luck. Is there something else I need to enable? I have tried doing
> root=/dev/xxx1 with every combination I thought possible for xxx (hdx and
> sdx). I have also tried playing around with using the root=0xXXX stuff with
> no luck.
> Do I need to update the installed kernel headers? There are only a few
> warning compile messages, no errors. If I update the installed kernel
> headers does it mean that I have to also reinstall any software that used
> them? Should I just start over?
> Luckily I made sure to keep the other kernel around and am now dual booting
> the two. Is it alright to have their System.map-2.6.x.x, config-2.6.x.x and
> kernel images in the same boot folder?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jeff

> Hard drive setup:
> Motherboard: Commell LV-677 (Intel ICH7M/945GM based)
> Primary IDE: SATA
>      Master: 300 GB hard drive (should be hda as it was with 2.6.16)
>                   Has only 1 partition, with ext3 formatting (was hda1)
> Secondary IDE: PATA
>      Master: DVD/CD-RW (I know this is still loading as hdc).
>      Slave: none

No, you don't need to upgrade the headers. I'm running with no problems. You should just use root=/dev/hda1, since that it is. You sure ext3 and the sata driver aren't compiled as modules?
To stop the message scrolling, just press Scroll Lock...
And it is ok to keep them in the same folder, they won't get mixed up..

Try to see the messages and then report back...


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