Upgrade Kernel to 2.6.20.x Problem

Jeffrey Bush bushj at rpi.edu
Mon Apr 9 00:28:35 PDT 2007

I just installed the latest LFS (version 6.2) completely and installed many
BLFS programs. The LFS book is designed to install Linux kernel version
2.6.16.x. After getting this far I found out that the newest kernel supports
graphics drivers for my graphics card and 2.6.16 does not.


I am a newbie at doing everything from scratch though.so I don't know if an
upgrade is actually feasible. I tried just downloading the source code for
the newest stable kernel, and set all the options like I did previously,
compiled, copied, and modified /boot/grub/menu.lst.


Along came a problem. Now doing bootup it says:

"Kernel Panic: not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on

The hard drive detection information is way off the screen and scrolls by
too fast so I cannot see it. I have tried enabling scrolling for it but it
does not seem to work. I have tried installing just the PATA and SATA
drivers for my mobo and also tried all SATA and PATA drivers without luck. I
have installed all of the appropriate filesystem drivers (Ext3). Still no
luck. Is there something else I need to enable? I have tried doing
root=/dev/xxx1 with every combination I thought possible for xxx (hdx and
sdx). I have also tried playing around with using the root=0xXXX stuff with
no luck.


Do I need to update the installed kernel headers? There are only a few
warning compile messages, no errors. If I update the installed kernel
headers does it mean that I have to also reinstall any software that used
them? Should I just start over?


Luckily I made sure to keep the other kernel around and am now dual booting
the two. Is it alright to have their System.map-2.6.x.x, config-2.6.x.x and
kernel images in the same boot folder?


Thanks in advance,




Hard drive setup:

Motherboard: Commell LV-677 (Intel ICH7M/945GM based)

Primary IDE: SATA

    Master: 300 GB hard drive (should be hda as it was with 2.6.16)

                 Has only 1 partition, with ext3 formatting (was hda1)

    Slave: none

Secondary IDE: PATA

    Master: DVD/CD-RW (I know this is still loading as hdc).

    Slave: none


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