Firefox 2.0 with BLFS 6.2

Simon Geard delgarde at
Tue Apr 3 00:51:28 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 00:08 -0700, Scott Czepiel wrote:
> Thank you for your suggestions.  I installed all the dependencies, but
> on make I have run into a problem:
> "Package xft not found in pkg-config search path."  It suggests adding
> the path to "xft.pc" to PKG_CONFIG_PATH, but I can't find xft.pc
> anywhere on my system, even though I assume it should be
> in /usr/lib/pkgconfig.  Did I miss a step in the configuration of

Which Xorg version are you using? For any of the 7.x versions, that file
is provided by the libXft package - not sure where it is on the older
monolithic versions (6.9 and earlier). Either way though, I'm surprised
you were able to build all the dependencies without it - particularly
Gtk+ and Pango...

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