Firefox 2.0 with BLFS 6.2

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Apr 2 11:35:34 PDT 2007

Scott Czepiel wrote these words on 04/02/07 13:08 CST:
> I know this has been done successfully, but there are a few special tricks
> to make it work.  I was hoping someone could point me to a "Read this first"
> link to get started.

I'm not aware of anything out there (actually, only the book should
be required), but you may want to look at the Trac ticket for the
Firefox update to see if there's anything helpful:

My apologies for the Firefox build not being updated in the BLFS book
as of yet. We are all real busy. If Dan (assigned to the ticket) can't
get to Firefox and Thunderbird updates by the end of the week, I'll
reassign them to myself and do the updates.


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