unexpected crashes in Konqueror

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Apr 1 08:41:47 PDT 2007

On Sun, Apr 01, 2007 at 08:22:11PM +0530, anirudh vij wrote:
> konqueror has been crashing regularly with segfaults for no apparent
> reason on my computer for some time now.these crashes only happen when
> i start kde as a underpriveledged user.
> i compiled kde as mentioned in the blfs-book except for the
> --enable-final configuration option.
> i know that that this info is insufficient to diagnose the problem,but
> i dont know what to put.
> The kde crash handler reports that a SIGSEGV fault happened.gdb is not
> currently installed on my system,so i cant put the backtraces.
> all this started after i installed kde-artwork,and changed the default
> kde theme.The theme in superuser mode is still the default
> one.changing back to the default theme does not prevent crashes in
> underpriviledged user mode.

 Well, you could try installing gdb...

 Before that, try starting konqueror from konsole (or whatever other
xterm-replacement you use) as 'konqueror >messages 2>&1' then (after
it segfaults) look through the messages file in case there are any
informative error messages before the segfault.  I'm assuming the
segfault can be provoked fairly easily - if not, you might get a big
messages file waiting for the problem to happen.

 You could also try strace with 2>filename, the problem with that is
finding the important information (at least for desktop apps), and
that _will_ give you a very big file.

 As with all segfaults, you might want to give the memory an
extended test, just in case a byte has gone bad somewhere (although
this doesn't particularly sound like failing memory).

 If the problem happens often enough to notice, but not often enough
to be predictable, debugging it is another matter entirely - you
sound as if you have a backtrace, so gdb might be the most
productive way to debug it (assuming nothing important is stripped).

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