unexpected crashes in Konqueror

anirudh vij anirudhvij at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 07:52:11 PDT 2007

konqueror has been crashing regularly with segfaults for no apparent
reason on my computer for some time now.these crashes only happen when
i start kde as a underpriveledged user.
i compiled kde as mentioned in the blfs-book except for the
--enable-final configuration option.
i know that that this info is insufficient to diagnose the problem,but
i dont know what to put.
The kde crash handler reports that a SIGSEGV fault happened.gdb is not
currently installed on my system,so i cant put the backtraces.
all this started after i installed kde-artwork,and changed the default
kde theme.The theme in superuser mode is still the default
one.changing back to the default theme does not prevent crashes in
underpriviledged user mode.

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