BLFS 911

Dr. Edgar Alwers edgaralwers at
Sun Apr 1 07:00:47 PDT 2007

On Sunday 01 April 2007 02:43, Raul Taveras wrote:
> By the way, with my network
> interface i tried doing somethings and all i got was a warning that my eth0
> was not found. I have ADSL at home with a standard ethernet NIC.

As Rick Shelton said, you have plenty of time. But you should go with system. 
I would not intend to start with BLFS withouth having fix the communication 
problem. This is part of LFS. Go trhough 7.13. in LFS 6.2 for instance and 
configure the network script. Download Lynx and GPM ( general purpose 
mouse ). This will help you to go through BLFS from the beginning. 
Concentrate than in the basics needed e.g. for KDE. You willl not need to 
install everything mentioned in BLFS !
Lynx is a very simple but excellent browser. My advice is really to fix the 
network problem before continuing with BLFS. I have now the experience of 
more than a dozen installations. It is much easier than you are thinking at 
this moment.
Good luck

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