Total disk usage for a full Xorg Install?

Dan Winkler cryptoniks at
Fri Mar 31 19:47:48 PST 2006

>From: "Dan Nicholson" <dbn.lists at>
>On 3/31/06, Dan Winkler <cryptoniks at> wrote:
> >
> > Im still deciding if ill use KDE or fluxbox but thats a whole issues in 
> > of it's self
>Please don't top-post.  I would say install both.  On the system I
>mentioned in the other mail, I have fluxbox, gnome, kde and xfce.
>You'll have plenty of space to do pretty much anything you want.  I
>think space would only be an issue with data, i.e. media files.  I
>don't think you'll have problems with space for the packages.

Whoops sorry thought my text was on the bottom half till I saw it my self

back to the subject at hand:

thats great news i was looking at the disk requirements for packages like 
Open office and was cringing at the potential of having to repartition 
drives to make space.

Thank you again for the feedback time to get crackin on Xorg =)

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