Total disk usage for a full Xorg Install?

Dan Winkler cryptoniks at
Fri Mar 31 17:08:44 PST 2006

Im not sure as to which packages ill need so i am curious as to what the 
total disk usage for a full Xorg Install will be

my system is a multi partition setup:

/ 6gb
/usr 6g
/usr/src 6gb
/usr/local/ 6gb
/usr/local/games 10gb
/home 6gb
/home/$user/media 18gb
/var 500mb
/tmp 500mb

the reason I ask is  because I want to make sure there will be enough space

also how is the required space spread accross such a setup

Im sure there is more documentation that would allow me to determine which 
packages I would need for my setup

(gateway PR675 notebook pent4 radeon mobility 9700)

but I seem to be missing it im sure

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