Fresh OOo-2.0 install cannot save documents or add printer

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Mar 27 21:19:26 PST 2006

Alonso Graterol wrote:
> I just finished building OOo-2.0.2 from source according to
> adapted for 2.0.2 version.
> I've used OOo-1.1.4 in Slackware before so first thing I tried was to
> set up a printer. To my surprise spadmin did not allow me to install
> anything. The generic printer did not show up either. Looking at the
> share/psprint folder I noticed there was no driver subfolder so I
> copied from the 1.1.4 install to 2.0.2 the driver subfolder plus
> GENERIC.PS file. Now I can select a printer and modify some settings
> but once I'm done with spadmin printer and settings dissapear.

By default, OOo2.0.2 will not install printer PPDs if cups is installed. 
  You can find the printer ppds in /usr/share/cups/model/ to add your 

> whatever OOo application I want to print with complains there is no
> default printer defined. Going back to spadmin confirms such reality.
> Where does OOo saves printer selection and settings?

I do not know where, but I'd expect it to be in ~/.openoffice.org2. 
Check the perms on this directory, your new ppds, and maybe cups ppds? 
Kinda grabbing at straws on this one.

>  Besides that, any application would not let me save any document
> (writer, calc, impress, etc) for the first time (Save as
> functionality). Dialog shows up but there is only a screen blink when
> clicking save button and filename dissapears and dialog remain open
> but that's it. Saving an existent document is flawlessly though. Any
> ideas?

None ATM.  I do not see this issue.  What version of LFS, or better what 
glibc, gcc, jdk, and wether using native file picker?  Which patches 
were used and where did they come from?

-- DJ Lucas

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