Feauturerequest: IPSec-tools, Squid, Privoxy

Richard A Downing FBCS CITP richard at langside.org.uk
Sat Mar 25 07:30:16 PST 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Richard A Downing FBCS CITP wrote these words on 03/25/06 08:11 CST:
>> However, the hint format is so restrictive (no formatting at all,
>> newlines actually inserted to force line breaks, yadayada...) that you
>> might like to consider a wiki page instead.  This is what I do.
> I am wondering if there shouldn't be some sort of disclaimer on
> the BLFS Wiki "Notes" page along the lines of:
> The information contained herein may not have been prepared, or
> reviewed by the BLFS staff. The information may be wrong, incorrect,
> untested or may not work as it is advertised. Use of the
> information in these notes is at your own risk."
> I believe it is important that users know that the material is not
> officially sponsored by the BLFS staff.

Good idea.  Although if it WAS reviewed and approved, presumably it
would be in the book.  On the other hand if it is expansion of what is
in the book (as opposed to my disconnected jottings about packages that
no-one wants :), it might well be approved already, but just not
considered suitable for the book for some reason.

I still don't like the Hints format though, and won't use it again.  I
have considered putting up my own wiki for the packages that I'm
interested in.  Then you can link to it or not as you will.  But I'm not
interested in wiki's, per se, so I probably won't.


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