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Lennon Cook maguswizardo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 04:16:00 PST 2006

On 3/20/06, Lennon Cook <maguswizardo at gmail.com> wrote:
>Now that I'm beggining to understand how it works,
> libtool (and, for that matter, pkg-config) strikes me as a horrid
> kludge, but I don't think theres any real alternative. My symlinks are
> also kludgy, but I believe them to be slightly less so, since they
> have the added benifit of not needing packages to know about them to
> be useful.
Ok, in retrospect this was a rash thing to say. Storing useful
information in text files can't be kludgy, and now that I actually sit
down and think about this for a whlie, seems like a very good idea. It
allows packages to be installed literally /anywhere/ and still work,
which is, to my understanding, exactly what the autotools are meant to
provide. What I should have said here was that I'm hoping to be able
to go further than the problem that they solve - I'm looking for
/relocatable/ packages. It strikes me that pkg-config does everything
libtool does, just in more general ways, and so I don't see a need for
any package to use *both*. But, in my goal of relocatable packages,  I
think pkg-config is still too specific - although (and this is the
main reason I say that my quote above was rash) I can't see any way to
solve this problem yet.

With apologies for the degraded SNR.

Lennon Victor Cook
"He who receives an idea from me receives without lessening, as he who
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