Time to make the gcc move?

Peter B. Steiger wyo_wl001 at bresnan.net
Sun Mar 19 23:30:52 PST 2006

For years, I have avoided gcc 4 because it sounds like it's more trouble
than it's worth.  Many lfs/blfs instructions involve applying a patch to
the source that will resolve gcc 4 issues, and that suggests to me that
(some? most?) Linux source was still designed with gcc 3 in mind.

Now I'm about to plunge into xorg 7.0, and I only want to do this once.
Is there any particular advantage to using gcc 4, or am I better of
staying with gcc 3?

I'm currently on kernel 2.6.15, gcc 3.4.4, glibc 2.3.5.

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY

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