.la files in /opt/Foo

Carlos Eduardo de Brito Novaes carlosnov at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 14:14:35 PST 2006

Em Sábado 18 Março 2006 21:56, Lennon Cook escreveu:
> And so the question becomes - what would be the best course
> of action here? Is it safe to just adjust the paths in this file, or
> would I be better to recompile GTK with glib living in /opt?
I dont really think it is necessary to recompile anything. I understand that 
if you recompile a package with the same compiler and options, you will get 
the same binary files. Except for the hardcoded paths that seens to exist in 
the real base librarys from glib or the compilers in gcc.
Maybe you can do this to track the changes in the .la files.

I really dont understand the real meaning of .la files, but as I already told, 
I had to change a file in the past to compile a package, and it worked.
Oh! I remember now, my system uses a NVidia card and the closed source driver, 
and some programs (blender being one) require some libGL.la while others fail 
to compile if this file exist. I wonder if a good automake implementation 
does not need the .la files.

Are you moving packages like this for any special reason? I mean, seens to 
require some knowledgment that would be very usefull for a package management 
system (an old project that I never had the time to study and implement). ;)
Would you be so kind to report us your sucess?

Good luck

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