gnome-icon-themes.pc location

Hugo Villeneuve hugo at
Sat Mar 18 14:45:42 PST 2006

  I installed Gnome Icon Themes 2.12.1, and noticed that the pkgconfig file, "gnome-icon-themes.pc", is installed in "/usr/share/pkgconfig". This caused problems when I tried to install libgnomeprintui-2.12.1 later as it could not find "gnome-icon-themes.pc".

  I know how to solve the problem, but I'm not sure what is the best option in the long run. Should we move "gnome-icon-themes.pc" to a more "standard" location like "/usr/lib/pkgconfig", or should we add "/usr/share/pkgconfig" to PKG_CONFIG_PATH?

  Hugo Villeneuve.

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