Booting Lfs-Version udev_update-20060301 from usb drive.

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Thu Mar 16 11:56:09 PST 2006


I have installed the above lfs on an "IBM 1 GB Microdrive". The host system 
is lfs-611 installed on Compaq Presario Laptop (P-III).
The install has been fine and the new lfs is working fine in chroot environ 
in the host system.

I intend booting the new lfs system from the host system. The host system 
has hda (the main hard drive), hdc (the dvd-rom) and the IBM Microdrive 
mounted on SanDisk adapter connected to USB port of the host. This drive is 
configured as usb-storage in the kernel and host system recognises it 
as'sda'. There is only one partition on this drive i.e. sda1. Grub is 
installed on Microdrive but not setup on the MBR because I intend to boot it 
from the host.

In the host-system '/boot/grub/menu.lst', the Microdrive entry is as under:

title IBM Microdrive Linux

    root (sd0,0)
    kernel /boot/kernel-  root=/dev/sda1

It is not recognised by host system grub at boot-time. The error is "Error 
in parsing number". I also tried to use 'root (hd1,0)' but the error given 
was "The given drive does not exist"

In the WinXP on the same host system, the Microdrive is recognised as 

Is there a way to boot the new lfs from my host system grub?

Help would be most welcome.



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