Blurred LCD screen on Xorg 7?

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Mar 12 18:21:00 PST 2006

Simon Geard wrote:
> Ok, that does indeed work, which is nice - it makes fixing the problem a
> lot easier. However, I'd still like to have a *real* solution rather
> than a workaround, if anyone can offer any ideas...

I have no idea what direction to go for this problem.  Monitor isn't 
seeing the mode change.  Wether it's an X problem or not is still up in 
the air.

I'm guessing that the test system has a lot newer software.  All I can 
think of is to throw out some questions in hope it jars some old memory 
from somebody who knows more.

Before, you simply switched modes to overcome the problem, correct?  If 
so, then the problem occurs in transition from consloe to X and is not 
likely to be a problem with X itself (no gurantees though).  Do you use 
a frambuffer console, and if so, type?  Try disabling temporarily.

I also know that it's intermittent, but does the behaviour occur in any 
other modes?  Of course, this requires a config change, or is it not 
worth the trouble to try and reproduce it that way?

-- DJ Lucas

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