IBM 1GB Microdrive problem

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Sat Mar 11 09:51:02 PST 2006

Simon Geard & Shane Shields wrote on wed & thu:

>Could be it's not getting cleaned up when this happens? Maybe the kernel
>is assigning it a new id because it thinks there's still something on
>the old one?

>Just guessing...


>That could be proven by running lsof and seeing what proccesses (if any)
>are using the old id

>Shane Shield

>Actually, I was thinking of something in the kernel not cleaned up,
>rather than some userspace program that lsof could see. But yeah, that
>might be worth trying too.


Thanks for responses from Simon Geard, Shane Shields and Brandin Creech.

The problem persists. 'hdparm -k' did not help. 'hdparm -Z' is for disabling 
powersave for seagate drives only.

The drive works fine in windows XP on the same computer.



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