Blurred LCD screen on Xorg 7?

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Mar 10 02:54:08 PST 2006

Simon Geard wrote:

> Ok, that didn't help, but I have found one thing interesting. X thinks
> it's running in 1920x1200 as it's been told to - that's the resolution
> reported both by xdpyinfo and xrandr. However, at times when the screen
> is blurred, the monitor itself is claiming to be running 1600x1200. I
> assume the blur then is from the screen being squashed to fit the lower
> resolution, then the monitor stretching it out again to fill the screen.
> So, anyone have any ideas why, or how to fix it? It's not happening
> consistently - sometimes it works fine, and when it doesn't, changing
> the resolution to something else and back (with xrandr) seems to shake
> it into the correct mode. But that's a real pain...

Unrelated to why, but does a Power Off, Power On on the LCD resolve the 
issue?  (I've never seen the term POPO on these lists)

-- DJ Lucas

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