IBM 1GB Microdrive problem on (B)LF

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Thu Mar 9 11:19:16 PST 2006


Brandin Creech wrote on Wed, 8 Mar 2006 06:49:21:

>I haven't had trouble with devices getting /unintentionally/ disconnected,
>but I have noticed that when I remove a device (without unmounting) and 
>plug it back in, it always gets re-inserted as the next-available SCSI 
>in the sequence sdb1, sdc1, sdd1, etc. So... the ID is probably not an 
>here, but the powersave sounds like it might be.

>If it's the problem, you can probably disable the powersave using hdparm. 
>might be better though to set up a simple script that does a read/write
>operation every once in a while; this should effectively disable powersave 
>it is the problem.


>while :
>    date >> /media/microdrive/disk.log
>    sleep 10

>If you run that in the background, you'll know when your device gets
>disconnected by examining the times in disk.log. Use something like 'tail
>disk.log' since the file will be long after running for a while.

Thanks a lot for your tips Brandin. Will try and come back.



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