IBM 1GB Microdrive problem on (B)LFS

Brandin Creech chaotic_thought at
Wed Mar 8 06:49:21 PST 2006

--- randhir phagura <rsphagura at> wrote:

> >powersave?
> >may be the device gets disconnected and then reconnected >with new ID ...
> Why is it assuming new id on reconnection?

I haven't had trouble with devices getting /unintentionally/ disconnected,
but I have noticed that when I remove a device (without unmounting) and then
plug it back in, it always gets re-inserted as the next-available SCSI device
in the sequence sdb1, sdc1, sdd1, etc. So... the ID is probably not an issue
here, but the powersave sounds like it might be.

If it's the problem, you can probably disable the powersave using hdparm. It
might be better though to set up a simple script that does a read/write
operation every once in a while; this should effectively disable powersave if
it is the problem.


while :
    date >> /media/microdrive/disk.log
    sleep 10

If you run that in the background, you'll know when your device gets
disconnected by examining the times in disk.log. Use something like 'tail
disk.log' since the file will be long after running for a while.

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