IBM 1GB Microdrive problem on (B)LFS

randhir phagura rsphagura at
Tue Mar 7 05:35:16 PST 2006


Reference my last post on the subject, as given below:

>I am working on lfs-SVN-20051127 and blfs-.svn-20051101. >The system is 
>Compaq Presario P-III laptop. I have IBM 1GB Microdrive >mounted at the usb 
>port through SanDisk adapter. I want to install the latest >'lfs-svn' on 
>the microdrive. The drive is detected as /dev/sda and I have >created an 
>ext3 filesystem on it
>After mounting /dev/sda1 on /mnt/lfs, I have created the >directory 
>/mnt/lfs/tools. So far so good.

>After sometime, during the installation of >binutils-2.16.1-pass 1, the 
>drive /dev/sda disappears and is not detected.

After checking further, I found that the drive keeps changing to 'sdb', 
'sdc' 'sdd' ....., successively.

Any clues for this behaviour?


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