Problem with mouse in

Satish Chebrolu chebrolu at
Mon Mar 6 10:23:03 PST 2006

I use ALPS glidepoint touchpad on my laptop.

Even after reloading the module, /dev/mouse takes some time to appear
(sometimes). 90% of the time, it works though. Sometimes, even if
/dev/mouse is present, it doesn't work (as you mentioned). I will add
the startup script. But, mouse is very flaky in 2.6.15.x.


On 3/6/06, Brandin Creech <chaotic_thought at> wrote:
> --- Satish Chebrolu <chebrolu at> wrote:
> > Because there is no /dev/mouse, KDE is
> > not starting sometimes. I have to remove "psmouse" modue and reload it
> > again for the mouse to work fine. On some occasions, it takes some
> > time before /dev/mouse appears.
> I do the same when I have trouble with my mouse, though... it is not as flaky
> as what you describe.
> Does reloading the module always fix the problem? If so... you could work
> around the problem by adding a script to the system startup /etc/init.d that
> reloaded the module, with a delay if necessary. Unfortunately, I don't think
> there's any way for the system (and thus, the script) to "know" if the mouse
> is working without you actually moving it to see if data appears on
> /dev/mouse or /dev/input/mice--that's been my experience anyway.
> Do you use any HID (USB) input devices? I had trouble with my ps/2 mouse
> being randomly disabled when the HID modules got loaded, but then the problem
> was fixed when I compiled the HID support into the kernel rather than as a
> module. I think loading the HID support before everything else when the
> kernel first started is what cured my particular problem.
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