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Brandin Creech chaotic_thought at
Mon Mar 6 06:19:06 PST 2006

--- Satish Chebrolu <chebrolu at> wrote:

> Because there is no /dev/mouse, KDE is
> not starting sometimes. I have to remove "psmouse" modue and reload it
> again for the mouse to work fine. On some occasions, it takes some
> time before /dev/mouse appears.

I do the same when I have trouble with my mouse, though... it is not as flaky
as what you describe.

Does reloading the module always fix the problem? If so... you could work
around the problem by adding a script to the system startup /etc/init.d that
reloaded the module, with a delay if necessary. Unfortunately, I don't think
there's any way for the system (and thus, the script) to "know" if the mouse
is working without you actually moving it to see if data appears on
/dev/mouse or /dev/input/mice--that's been my experience anyway.

Do you use any HID (USB) input devices? I had trouble with my ps/2 mouse
being randomly disabled when the HID modules got loaded, but then the problem
was fixed when I compiled the HID support into the kernel rather than as a
module. I think loading the HID support before everything else when the
kernel first started is what cured my particular problem.

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