Blurred LCD screen on Xorg 7?

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Mon Mar 6 05:37:26 PST 2006

Simon Geard wrote:
> Hi all...
> I've been playing for a while with a system running Xorg 7.0, as opposed
> to 6.8.1 running on my regular partition. I'm finding that frequently
> when I login, the screen (a Dell 2405 LCD) seems out of focus - not
> always, but more often than not. Fiddling with the auto-adjust on the
> monitor tends to improve it, but never to the same sharpness I get on my
> regular system.

This is due to excessive refresh rate.

> Anyone have any idea what might cause this? The Monitor sections of
> xorg.conf are the same in both cases, including the modeline that tells
> it how to do 1920x1200. Device section is the same. Screen section is
> mostly the same, apart from not specifying Modes for each depth (it
> defaults to the right resolution without them).

Try either specifying modes exactly, or putting the following line in 
the Monitor section:

VertRefresh 59-61

Alexander E. Patrakov

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