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Lord Igtenio igtenio at
Sat Mar 4 10:22:55 PST 2006

I thank you both, and I apologize for how
far I did go. I believe fully that being self-taught
is a wonderful experience. Unfortunetely, when
you're job-hunting, I've found that regardless
of any certifications I might possess, people
are still apt to blow me off as "some self-taught
wannabe". Hence my sore spot. While I do
try not to let it get to me, there's only so much
a single person can take of being called
inept before they blow.

In this case, I sorta blew up at Chris, and
even if I was more polite about it then others
would've been, I still blew up. Hence, the

On the upside, my current LFS System
seems to be working fine now that I removed
the Tools entry from the path. I still, however,
cannot figure out how it got there, since
I had written the .bash_profile file myself
quickly(I'm a minimalist of sorts).

At least I know where to start looking if stuff
begins to have issues compiling.
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