Libpng Errors

Chris Staub chris at
Fri Mar 3 23:12:39 PST 2006

Lord Igtenio wrote:
> Hence why I tried it as a throw-away solution.
> Frankly, I do find it insulting that you assume I must have no
> experience or so little as to be unable to follow a step-by-step
> guide which is entirely focused towards learning. Do I make
> mistakes? Of course. So do you. We all do. But having holes
> in that knowledge and actively pursuing solutions before
> turning to this list makes me "not meet the minimum
> prerequisites"? Would you have prefered that, instead
> of experimenting, I run to people more knowledgable
> then myself and get spoon-fed answers before attempting
> to solve it myself? If I was more interested in using
> prepackaged solutions, I wouldn't be messing with
> LFS. I'd be using an installed copy of Knoppix,
> or Slackware, or something which didn't require more
> then a pulse and time to install.
> In the end, I ended up hitting pretty close to
> the solution. Except instead of removing /tools/bin,
> I added /usr/include. Next time, I know what to look
> for. I've added to my knowledge. I have a wee bit
> more experience.

It is good to learn by doing and experimenting. There is nothing wrong 
with that. However, LFS *does* state it assumes a certain amount of 
knowledge before you even start using it. Perhaps I *was* wrong in my 
assumptions about your own skill level, but there are certain things 
that you are expected to know, otherwise you are practically guaranteed 
to have some major problems.

That being said, I am impressed, that, frankly, you have been a lot more 
polite than I probably would have been. :p Also, it seems that my 
comment to you was based on a false assumption of what you were doing to 
fix the problem (I've re-read it and realized I had read it wrong the 
first time around) so I am sorry for saying that.

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