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Craig Jackson craigmjackson at
Fri Mar 3 22:03:09 PST 2006

Lord Igtenio wrote:
> Probably. But I also have a sore spot for having
> self-educated myself in the usage and repair of
> Computers, and most "Professionals" considering
> that to be "trite"

Being self taught is not trite.  It is the ultimate way to learn
because you won't forget so easily.  I say this only because this is
how I learned.  Although I generally agree with what you are saying,
and I don't think you are a "noob" too much, I think you shouldn't let
these things get to you so much.  So what if what Chris says is right
or proper, that is how he defines his image.  So what if Chris thinks
you are a noob.  All you have to do is learn more stuff and no one
will call you that anymore.  It's just sorta how geeks do things.  We
throw our brains out on the table and say, "This is the way it is.  If
anyone has a problem with that, prove me wrong, and I'll admit
defeat".  To take it personally is a waste of energy and frankly makes
people not want to listen as much.  You can learn a lot about yourself
and your skills even from insulting people. I'm NOT referring to you,
Chris :)

I could ramble all night about pholisiphy, but to avoid the inevitable
flame war I will just say this:  We are all here for the same 2
reasons, I think.  1. To promote the soical and technical benefits of
the open-source movement, and 2. To learn as much as possible.  I'm
sure I'm forgetting some.  Basically it's all good and we should roll
with the punches as much as possible so this WONDERFUL project doesn't
lose focus, as Microsoft definately isn't losing focus any time soon.

PS if this email is too off-topic I will refrain from making similar
posts here, but it seems appropriate considering all the unnecessary
personal atttacks.

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