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Fri Mar 3 21:23:02 PST 2006

>Attempting not to sound insulting here, but if you think adding
>/usr/include to your path will change anything then you definitely do
>not meet even the minimum prerequisites for building LFS at all, much
>less for using ALFS. Please read up on your Linux basics (for example,
>at the links suggested at the beginning of the LFS book) before
>continuing any further with LFS.

Hence why I tried it as a throw-away solution.

Frankly, I do find it insulting that you assume I must have no
experience or so little as to be unable to follow a step-by-step
guide which is entirely focused towards learning. Do I make
mistakes? Of course. So do you. We all do. But having holes
in that knowledge and actively pursuing solutions before
turning to this list makes me "not meet the minimum
prerequisites"? Would you have prefered that, instead
of experimenting, I run to people more knowledgable
then myself and get spoon-fed answers before attempting
to solve it myself? If I was more interested in using
prepackaged solutions, I wouldn't be messing with
LFS. I'd be using an installed copy of Knoppix,
or Slackware, or something which didn't require more
then a pulse and time to install.

In the end, I ended up hitting pretty close to
the solution. Except instead of removing /tools/bin,
I added /usr/include. Next time, I know what to look
for. I've added to my knowledge. I have a wee bit
more experience.

I apologize if I've insulted you, but no one has any
right to assume that someone lacks any skill
in a field because rather then sitting around,
waiting for the people more knowledgable/experienced
then them to get back in touch, they tried *something*.
They experimented, even when they said "Hey, I have
X problem, can you help?", because, in the end, while
help is nice, the lessons remembered best are those
you solved yourself.

I tried something. And what if it had worked?
Then, yay, it worked. It didn't? Oh well, back to the
drawing board.

Has this come out more strongly then I intended?
Probably. But I also have a sore spot for having
self-educated myself in the usage and repair of
Computers, and most "Professionals" considering
that to be "trite". Holes I had in my knowledge
were seen as "proof" that I was nowhere near
as good or knowledgable as them, regardless
of any number of areas I could equal or exceed
them in.

So I do apologize if I did come off more strongly
then I intended. But what I said still stands,
and I do not believe it right or proper to suggest
to someone that because they experimented
for a solution, regardless of how stupid or
wrong it might end up being, they're
automatically labeled as not meeting the
correct criteria to continue. There's a difference
between "I'm turning off the monitor thinking
it's the computer" and "I'm having an issue
making X package work, here's what I tried
so far, do you have any idea what's going on?".
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