Libpng Errors

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Mar 3 16:27:38 PST 2006

On 3/3/06, Lord Igtenio <igtenio at> wrote:
> >Is /tools still in your path?  What's the output of `which gcc` or if
> >you don't have which, `type -p gcc`?  Do you have the symlink
> >/usr/bin/cc -> /usr/bin/gcc?
> >
> >If you actually are using /usr/bin/gcc and the above output is from
> >that, then there are issues.  My guess in this situation is that the
> >spec file adjustment in Ch. 6.13 did not go correctly.
>  Yes, /tools/bin is in my PATH. I then removed it, and it booted fine.
>  'type -p gcc' shows, before removing /tools/bin from my path:
>  /tools/bin/gcc
> Afterwards, it's:
> /usr/bin/gcc

You had /tools/bin at the front of your path?

> Do you think I'll still need to recompile everything, if it was solely using
> /tools before and now it's (Apparently) set to /usr?

If you just had /tools/bin at the front of your path, then jhalfs
almost assuredly didn't do this.  In that case, this setting was
probably done after jhalfs completed.  In which case everything done
by jhalfs is fine.  However, everything you've done since then is not
guaranteed to work.  In fact I would certainly rebuild glib if not


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