Libpng Errors

Lord Igtenio igtenio at
Fri Mar 3 15:56:26 PST 2006

>Is /tools still in your path?  What's the output of `which gcc` or if
>you don't have which, `type -p gcc`?  Do you have the symlink
>/usr/bin/cc -> /usr/bin/gcc?
>If you actually are using /usr/bin/gcc and the above output is from
>that, then there are issues.  My guess in this situation is that the
>spec file adjustment in Ch. 6.13 did not go correctly.

Yes, /tools/bin is in my PATH. I then removed it, and it booted fine.
'type -p gcc' shows, before removing /tools/bin from my path:


Afterwards, it's:

I do have the symlink between cc and gcc in /usr/bin.

>You probably need to rebuild gcc, but at this point it might not be
>worth it because everything built from Ch. 6.13 on has been in error.
Do you think I'll still need to recompile everything, if it was solely using
/tools before and now it's (Apparently) set to /usr?

I also want to mention that after removing /tools/bin from my path, Libpng
has no issues compiling with ZLIBINC and ZLIBLIB blank.

>I don't understand what you mean by this.  Can you elaborate?  Did you
>use jhalfs for the whole build?

For this build, yes. I used it to make the basic LFS system.
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