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Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Mar 3 14:46:37 PST 2006

Lord Igtenio wrote these words on 03/03/06 16:26 CST:

> I've built an LFS System twice before, following the book both times.
> The entire reason I used jhalfs is because I have neither the time
> nor patience to spend another two and a half days of five-hour
> intervals to build a third. Call me impatient, call me
> inexperienced(Not saying you're doing either, mind you),
> but I read what ALFS was for, skipped it the first two times
> because I wanted to learn,

And Lord Igtenio wrote these words on 03/02/06 00:55 CST:

> The LFS System I'm using is stock(Built exactly according to the LFS book),
> except for having installed these packages afterwards:
> [snip]
> This's the third LFS System I've made, the first two having apparently had
> errors during creation I didn't catch until later on.

Now back to the words on 03/03/06 16:26 CST:

> I was under the impression that was the purpose of ALFS;
> not to give people a shortcut, but to allow people who
> have experienced the book and feel comfortable with it

I'm seeing a bit of contradiction here. Yesterday you say this
is your third system after fouling the first two up. Now today
you're saying that it is your third system after building LFS
twice before and you are now comfortable with it.

See my point?  :-)

> And I apologize if this came across as insulting
> or a flame, because I simply wished to state the
> reasons I chose, for my third time, to use jhalfs
> versus spending another 12 or 13 total hours
> rebuilding it.

No, I don't find your message insulting. It is courteous and on
point. Problem is, I find your words contradicting. You say
yesterday that you built LFS manually twice before to learn but
both of those attempts ended in failure. Now today, you are
comfortable with LFS and (from what it sounds like to me) you're
saying you've learned enough to now go ahead and automate the
building of LFS because you don't want to spend the time to learn
how to correctly build LFS manually.

My point was, and actually trying to give you what I feel is good
advice, that you should forego the automation and learn how to
build LFS manually. This would result in being better for you in
the long run. Please don't take my message as sarcastic or
insulting either, as I'm trying to be helpful, and many times I
end up not bringing across my intended message.

And my intended message is that LFS is a wonderful experience and
much can be learned from it. And I felt you still could use some
of the learning experience that building LFS manually brings you.


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