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>However, my message to you is more along the lines of you should
>probably not be trying to use an automated build of LFS until you
>are comfortable building manually and you are able to discover on
>your own a messed up toolchain, and what you need to do to repair
>that toolchain if indeed it is messed up.
>You'll be a lot better off in the long run.

I've built an LFS System twice before, following the book both times.
The entire reason I used jhalfs is because I have neither the time
nor patience to spend another two and a half days of five-hour
intervals to build a third. Call me impatient, call me
inexperienced(Not saying you're doing either, mind you),
but I read what ALFS was for, skipped it the first two times
because I wanted to learn, and the third time, when I lacked
the time to do it again, I chose to utilize it.

I was under the impression that was the purpose of ALFS;
not to give people a shortcut, but to allow people who
have experienced the book and feel comfortable with it
to save time and energy when they have to give it the
third or fourth go-around. If I was mistaken, and the
page saying it was for people who're comfortable with
the process and simply have no desire/time to go
through it again was wrong, then I apologize.

Just because I'm comfortable with it doesn't mean
I know everything. Hence the question.

And I apologize if this came across as insulting
or a flame, because I simply wished to state the
reasons I chose, for my third time, to use jhalfs
versus spending another 12 or 13 total hours
rebuilding it.
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