Libpng Errors

Lord Igtenio igtenio at
Fri Mar 3 13:57:35 PST 2006

>It would seem that /usr/include is not the default for you.  Can you
>try the following commands to see what the compiler defaults are?

This's what I got.

ignoring nonexistent directory
#include "..." search starts here:
#include <...> search starts here:

My first guess would be that my system is still using the
temporary toolchain built to build the base system.

My question, then, is if there's a way to set the
non-toolchain programs as the defaults? Or do I
need the source and build directories of Binutils?
In which case, should I be able to reinstall Binutils
without issue solely to get at the completed Source
and Build directories?

And should I submit this as a bug to the people
who work on jhalfs? I figured it'd take care of this,
but apparently it hasn't.
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