Digital Camera with a pure UDEV (no Hotplug) setup.

Richard A Downing richard at
Fri Mar 3 06:48:14 PST 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On 3/3/06, Richard A Downing <richard at> wrote:
>> Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
>>> Richard A Downing wrote:
>>>> Does anyone know how to set up such a system for gphoto2 (not
>>>> usb-storage)?
>>> Does it "just work" for root when the "usb-storage" module is not loaded
>>> and /proc/bus/usb is mounted?
>> Thanks, Alexander.  I had forgotten to mount /proc/bus/usb.
> Wait a second.  I thought with udev-only linux-2.6.15+ we don't have
> to make that mount anymore.  Is this a special situation just for
> libgphoto2?  Because my ghoto2 setup is exactly the same as Richard
> just descibed except I'm using the hotplug package with udev-071.
> Thoughts?

I don't think that GPhoto2 uses anything in /sys or in /dev.  If appears
to find devices via /proc/bus/usb.  So for GPhoto2 you need usbfs
mounted.  There may be others.

Certainly I could not get GPhoto2 to work even by creating device nodes,
which is why I asked for help.


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