Howto for non-standard paths???

Uli Fahrenberg uli at
Thu Mar 2 08:37:16 PST 2006

Alex, Mar 1, 21:06 -0600:

> On the other hand, I'm considering installing each package to a separate 
> directory and upon each installation/removal, re-populating a fake set 
> of standard "/usr" directories with symbolic links to the real files...

Done this, been there, dopped it again :-)

I managed to get a nicely working system based on LFS 6.1, with 
_everything_ in / and /usr a symlink to the respective proper location.

However keeping this system (and my poorly-written scripts) up-to-date was 
too much a headache, so I'm using Gentoo now...

For the task of creating symlink trees, you might consider my (old, 
abandoned, but well-documented and working) *reflect* script:


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